"She's alive but trapped" says Russian fortune teller contacted by missing diver's mum

PUBLISHED ON TUE, MAR 14, 2017 1:32 PM

"She's alive but trapped" says Russian fortune teller contacted by missing diver's mum



Source: Sanook


KOH TAO: -- The mother of missing Russian tourist Valentina Novozhyonova has made contact with a Russian fortune teller in an effort to find her daughter.


The news comes amid reports of a sighting that was not acted upon earlier, said Sanook.com.


Vavara Namesnikova was taken by Koh Tao police on a round island tour to take pictures.


She sent the pictures to a fortune teller back home who said that her daughter was "still alive but trapped somewhere".


Last week the Thais investigating had contacted three fortune tellers who all agreed she was in the sea. Valentina has been missing since the middle of last month.


Koh Tao police said yesterday that local ocean expert Juliang Pheungworiyaton had told them that he had been contacted by a boat operator that saw a female tourist on the 15th or 16th of February swimming out to sea off the Phor Tatoh promontory.


They did not think anything of it at the time and no action was taken. Now they say that the swimmer may have been the missing Russian. She was wearing a bikini.


Police went to the area where they found her likely entry point into the water that is secluded and popular with some tourists. There are rocky pools there and clear water.


They compared two rocks in the area with pictures that Valentina had taken and posted on Facebook and believed they had a match. But a search of the area failed to turn up any clothing or shoes.


They interviewed locals in the area to see if anyone had seen her there but came up with nothing. People said there are many tourists and they might have seen her but many foreigners matched her description.


Meanwhile the staff at the Koh Tao Hostel where Valentina had stayed said that a terry cloth that has gone missing was purple not blue as described in press reports. They said it belonged to the hotel and was part of bedding supplied by the hotel.


Source: Sanook

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