Missing Russian latest - flip-flop found on beach as police wait for return of "diving buddy"

PUBLISHED ON FRI, MAR 10, 2017 4:21 AM

Missing Russian latest - flip-flop found on beach as police wait for return of "diving buddy"



Picture: Thairath


KOH TAO: -- Police and diving teams searching for missing Russian tourist Valentina Novozhyonova have found a flip-flop on a beach that they believe may have been hers.


But they have no prospect of proving that from DNA as it has been out too long and any evidence is too degraded for testing. However, they are going to show the footwear to relatives to try and ascertain if it was hers, reported Thairath.


Now it has emerged that some crucial CCTV is missing after a camera failed to record.


Meanwhile the authorities are waiting for the return of a male "diving buddy" who they believe teamed up with Valentina, 23, before she went missing in the middle of February.


The man is currently abroad and is due back in a week.


Valentina was only reported missing on March 3rd and police have had little to go on. Some of her possessions were found in her room at the Koh Tao Hostel.


Searches on land and in the ocean by Thai and foreign teams have turned up nothing. And yesterday the ocean search was severely hampered by high winds and choppy seas.


Police have some CCTV footage but crucially some footage of her arrival on a boat on the island is missing. The reason for this, they said, was that the recording timed out.


They would like to know who if anybody met her on arrival at Koh Tao and if indeed it was the diving buddy referred to earlier.


Police said that it is impossible to say yet whether Valentina is dead.


Source: Thairath

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