The beautiful game - but football pitch owner furious after pretties steal the limelight!

PUBLISHED ON SAT, MAY 20, 2017 5:08 AM

The beautiful game - but football pitch owner furious after pretties steal the limelight!


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Image: Daily News


The owner of a football pitch is furious after pictures and video appeared online of a group of Thai "pretties" doing a little more than supporting the men playing football.

The girls - some in sexy suspenders - left little to the imagination in their own skimpy "kit".

They were pictured tying shoelaces showing a couple of round shaped objects that were definitely not soccer balls.

While others gyrating sexily on the players' laps got a nifty rise though not as big as the furor that erupted online over what many saw as inappropriate behavior.

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Now the owner of the "Playmaker and Academy" pitch - Pitak Chotikamonpong - has told Daily News that the adverse comment online that was directed at him is totally out of order.

He said that the people who rented his pitch brought the girls in themselves and it had nothing to do with him. He just rented out the pitch for 2,500 baht.

He claimed the pretties were paid 3,000 to 4,000 baht to attend; that is not something he would pay for.

Now he is taking all the flak and he is not happy.

So he told the news media that he is consulting a lawyer to see what he can do about it.


Source: Daily News



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