Arrest this brazen farang liquor thief scream irate Thais!

PUBLISHED ON MON, JUN 19, 2017 8:37 PM

Arrest this brazen farang liquor thief scream irate Thais!




CHIANG MAI:-- Footage posted online shows a Western woman engaging in a spot of self-service at a bar in Chiang Mai - helping herself and her male friend to booze behind the counter for free.


Thais online turned on the woman and her friend caught on CCTV from two angles calling for police to arrest them and toss them out of Thailand.


Man Csb spoke for many when he said: "They buy air tickets, they cross the oceans to be here - just to thieve. Farang dregs!"


Oat Sopakam weighed in with a bit of a Sharia law suggestion: "Smash her hand to pieces".


Nidnoi Napachat Tamool just said: "What a brazen thief".


While Nong Wild Life chipped in with: "That is why we call them cheap Charlie farangs - thank goodness there is a camera".


Robbery Moonz summed up the woman in one word beginning in a W suggesting that she might engage in charging for sexual services.


According to the page the incident looks to have happened on Friday at the Eddie Havana Bar in Chiang Mai.


It was quite crowded and the woman in the CCTV is shown helping herself to large slugs of liquor, both for her own glass and a beer bottle that her male friend is guzzling.


She even has the cheek to leave the liquor bottle on the bar top after a second theft as they casually stroll out.


Still photos suggest that there also may be other Westerners involved in stealing from the bar.


The footage and stills were taken from the bar's Facebook page.

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