Hua Hin Songkran: Police say no water fights allowed after midnight and announce public booze ban


Hua Hin Songkran: Police say no water fights allowed after midnight and announce public booze ban



Picture: Thai News Agency


HUA HIN: -- Police in Hua Hin have said that no water fights will be allowed in the city after midnight on 12th and 13th of April.


And they have banned the selling and consumption of alcohol in "public places" citing the attack on the Owen family last year that they say was fuelled by booze.


Region 7 commander Prasert Siriphannaphirat who has responsibility for the town said that many Thai and foreign tourists were expected, reported Thai News Agency.


He said that a special zone for splashing water had been set up but that the water throwing festivities would not be a free-for-all as in previous years.


He set a midnight limit on the fun.


Mentioning the attack on the Owen's from the UK last year, a story that reached a worldwide audience, he said that no distribution or drinking of alcohol would be allowed in public places.


TNA did not explain exactly what constituted a public place in relation to the order.


Prasert also mentioned the bomb outrages in the city in August.


Prasert said that he was confident that CCTV in the city was operational and the authorities would be keeping a close eye out for everyone's safety.


The report was marked Prajuab Khiri Khan and though it emerged on Monday it contained the date April 1st.


Source: Thai News Agency

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