NGO urges DSI to probe police over massage parlour raid 

PUBLISHED ON MON, JUL 17, 2017 2:33 PM

NGO urges DSI to probe police over massage parlour raid 

By Piyanuch Tamnukasetchai 
The Nation


BANGKOK: -- An non-governmental organisation has urged the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to probe police investigators, who allegedly twisted facts linked to a bust at a massage parlour in Bangkok's Saphan Kwai entertainment area to help the wrongdoers get away with crimes.


The chief investigator of Nvader, Ronnasit Proeksayajiva, submitted a petition with Justice Minister Suwapan Tanyuvardhana, via justice permanent secretary Wisit Wisitsora-at, in a bid to have the DSI probe the police investigators who decided not to file charges in relation to the case.


Ronnasit, whose NGO combats human trafficking, claimed that underage girls working at the business were forced into prostitution and they didn't know who owned the business.


Ronnasit said “patron advisers", who help customers select prostitutes, were prosecuted instead of the brothel’s owner(s). 


The underage prostitutes told a court during the trial that they were told to give fact-twisting testimonies and claimed that their compensation as human-trafficking victims had been “deducted”, Ronnasit said.


Meanwhile, a Justice Ministry sub-panel mulled at a meeting on Monday taking disciplinary actions against 50 state officials accused of involvement in human trafficking.


A source at the ministry said the 50 include public school teachers, military personnel and police officers who were allegedly involved, by way of business operations or protection bribes, with various entertainment establishments linked to prostitution and human trafficking. 


The source said the allegations against these people are based on clear evidence in the form of payslips of bank transactions, cell phone numbers and CCTVs recordings showing monthly bribe collections.


The source said the sub-panel also discussed how to respond to officials linked to alleged bribe taking at Bangkok massage parlor Nataree Entertainment, where police last year rounded up dozens of sex workers including 15 underage girls. 


The source said state officials were also involved in twisting the facts, such as incorrectly stating that underage prostitutes were aged over 18 or getting employees to confess to running establishments.



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