Meet the highway cop with a Thai heart of gold - using his own money to help motorists in distress

PUBLISHED ON TUE, JUL 18, 2017 4:19 AM

Meet the highway cop with a Thai heart of gold - using his own money to help motorists in distress



Picture: Workpoint TV


CHIANG MAI: -- Workpoint TV caught up with a Thai highway cop who they said has a true heart of gold.


For not only does he do his duties well with a smile, he also runs an emergency repair shop for motorists and bike riders who have nowhere to turn.


The news media said that many people these days have nothing but bad things to say about the highway cops - but Tossaphon Panyasu was bucking the trend.


He is a cop in the Mae Taeng area of Chiang Mai. He has used his own money to set up an emergency repair shop kitted out with 20 kinds of car tires, bike tires and crucial spare parts.


One sign says he will change rear lights that are malfunctioning for "the sake of life".


He also has a jerrycan of benzene handy for emergency top ups.


Most of the people he helps have nowhere else to go at night and would be stuck without his timely intervention.


Tossaphon said it has cost him 50,000 baht so far but he doesn't mind. He doesn't worry about the money - he just cares about the public.


And besides the smiles of the people are his reward, he doesn't need anything else.


Tossaphon proudly showed the media around. Two things in particular caught their attention - a lovely clean toilet for the public to use while they wait or if they are caught short and letters of appreciation from members of the public.


One was gushing in thanks for the kindly officer.


Yes, Thai-ness is alive and kicking in the golden heart of officer Tossaphon of the Chiang Mai highway police.


Source: Workpoint TV

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