Deadly jellyfish - make a note of the Box Jelly Hotline - 1669#

PUBLISHED ON SAT, JUL 22, 2017 4:30 AM

Deadly jellyfish - make a note of the Box Jelly Hotline - 1669#



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Heath and tourism authorities in the southern islands of Samui and Pangan have announced a box jellyfish hotline: 1669#

Call the number if you are stung and start feeling a stinging and hot sensation.

But be quick - doctors say that the creatures can kill in minutes especially if the victim is unlucky enough to be stung on the genitals, area of the heart or the head.

The season for the creatures is now here and will last through August.

Koh Pangan Hospital issued the first warning a couple of days ago after a sighting at Lamai on Samui. Now the Thai International Hospital on Samui has weighed in with pertinent advice.

But the best news is that nets have been put in the sea at Lamai beach where the first box jellyfish of the season was washed up this week. The local tourism authority are saying swimming within the nets is "100% safe".

Hospital director at Thai International Dunyakit Withayajanyaphong said that tourists who are stung should first of all put as much vinegar on the sting as possible.

On no account rub, wipe or touch the sting - just douse it in copious amounts of vinegar.

Then get to a hospital as quickly as possible. Speed is of the essence as death can occur in 2-10 minutes if the sting is severe enough in vulnerable parts of the body.

Meanwhile Samui tourism rep and a manager at the Lamai Wantha Hotel Kritsana Phromkoh was encouraging tourists to use the 310 meter net that has been set up on Lamai beach.

She said the initiative was a government and private sector effort and anyone swimming inside the net would be 100% protected from jellyfish.

However, she said there was plenty of provision to help those who could not make it to the netted off area.

Medics, lifeguards and staff on jet-skis were all ready to help in the area and were armed with vinegar and know-how.


Source: Daily News



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