"It's our way of life!" : Villagers in pick-ups beg police not to issue fines


"It's our way of life!" : Villagers in pick-ups beg police not to issue fines



Picture: Sanook


CHIANG MAI: -- Villagers in Chiang Mai had a clear message for police at roadblocks in Chiang Mai set up to fine people for riding in the back of pick-ups.


"It's our way of life", said Orathai on the Chiang Mai to Fang road. "Don't enforce the law - give us some time to adjust".


She was on her way back with many family members after visiting a sick relative in hospital in Chiang Mai.


A Chiang Mai police spokesman said that people were not being fined yesterday in the region, said Sanook.com.


Which was just as well - later PM Prayut Chan-ocha announced a backtrack on enforcing the pick-up law until after Songkran after the pubic outrage.


Sanook also reported that police were out in force in Udon in the north east and Pangnga in the south but people were likewise just

being warned on Wednesday.


Meanwhile, a well known automobile "guru" and car expert Patanadech Asasaphakit went on his personal Facebook page to write an open letter to the PM.


He said that first of all the government must put the onus on car manufacturers to fit seatbelts in the back of all cars. Then people will should be given the choice whether to wear them in the back.


He said the law should only be enforced in the front at first.


He likened what he would like to see to airplanes where passengers are made to wear seatbelts on takeoff then while in the air they are just advised to do so for their own safety.


Such a policy would be more suitable regarding wearing seatbelts in the back of cars, he said.


Patanadech - also know in Thailand as Na Dech - said that the PM should not compare conditions in Thailand to other countries as it is just not the same.


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