Relying on the Russians - Thai hotels chief has mixed forecast for Pattaya high season

PUBLISHED ON WED, SEP 13, 2017 4:13 AM

Relying on the Russians - Thai hotels chief has mixed forecast for Pattaya high season



Picture: Sophon Cable


PATTAYA: -- The head of the Thai Hoteliers' Association on the eastern seaboard has mixed hopes for tourism in Pattaya this coming high season.


While he expects a lot more Russians than in previous years he is less hopeful of a resurgence in other European visitors.


A glut of hotel rooms means high season is a bit of a misnomer - better than usual season might be more accurate according to Sanphet Suphabawornsathian, who spoke to Sophon Cable TV.


But the glut of hotels is good news for travelers - prices should be the same as last year.


"The Russians are coming back - that is for sure," said Sanphet. He pointed to better political stability in Russia and an improving rouble.


He said that indicators showed that this year there were more advanced bookings being made - people were less likely to wait until the last moment for discounts.


He expected Germans, Scandinavians and people from the UK to make up a fair proportion of what he called quality tourists but cautioned that their number were not expected to be as large as in recent years.


Those kind of tourists were less interested in high class hotels and are looking more to condominiums and apartments, he said.


Thais would continue to come to Pattaya but mostly on long weekends and short trips. He felt they were more likely to go to the north this year to take advantage of the cool weather there.


This would be particularly true of Bangkok based Thais, he said.


He bemoaned the state of hotels in Pattaya saying there were essentially too many for the market. Consequently prices would be low and about the same as last year.


"At least there should be more customers to make the operators smile," he said.


And visitors should again get a good deal for holidays in Pattaya.


Source: Sophon Cable

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