Before and after - artist's impression of the future of Walking Street!

PUBLISHED ON THU, SEP 14, 2017 9:47 AM

Before and after - artist's impression of the future of Walking Street!



Images: Sophon Cable 


PATTAYA: -- Sophon Cable posted a picture online of what Walking Street may look like after the local authority have cleaned up the unsightly mess of the iconic walkway.


Gone are the myriad neon signs, hanging wires, Go-Go bar hoardings and bustle of the famous street.


It has been transformed into a place of calm and order where families would be at home.


People and tourists go about their business - shopping mostly - in an orderly fashion on beautifully paved streets and sidewalks free of clutter and touts.


The main problem for operators might be that there are hardly any people left. And the road resembles an orderly suburban street anywhere in the world.


Even "Skyfall", a well known sleazy area Go-Go bar, seems to have been transformed into a furniture shop.


The picture of a future some may welcome - and others would lament or even dread - was posted on a story about how the local authority are trying to rid the South Pattaya area of what they say are hoardings dangerous in the event of a fire or other emergency.


A meeting was held this week chaired by Saksit Yaemsri and the engineering chief Sunthorn Sompramai who invited operators from the businesses that make up Pattaya's most famous street.


Saksit asked for co-operation and understanding in tidying up the advertising hoardings saying they could present a dangerous obstacle in the event of an emergency or even could fall on tourists in the event of high winds.


Some are so low and stick out so much that emergency vehicles could not get down the street to deal with a problem.


The authority came up with three guidelines to limit the height of signs, their size and how much they can protrude.


But this was seen as just a temporary measure in the ongoing work to transform the resort - hence the artist's impression of what the future may hold.


The meeting was also told that at first the matter of the hanging wires and cables would be sorted and then the signs would need to be done.


Apart from the obstruction to safety vehicles the size of some of the signs meant they could sway or even fall in a storm and no one wanted a large sign falling on a tourists' head, the meeting was told.


Thaivisa notes that a previous "deadline" to obey the regulations - set in stone for August - was largely ignored. The passing of this deadline seemed to have prompted the need for this week's meeting.


Sophon reported that the operators agreed to follow the regulations and help the authorities.


Source: Sophon Cable

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