Foreigners with fake 1,000 baht notes flooding Pattaya - Thai traders take to social media to issue warnings

PUBLISHED ON THU, SEP 14, 2017 11:38 AM

Foreigners with fake 1,000 baht notes flooding Pattaya - Thai traders take to social media to issue warnings




PATTAYA: -- Thai traders in Pattaya have taken to social media to warn fellow sellers and the public about fake 1,000 baht notes at the resort.


The stories come a day after Thaivisa highlighted the problem on Facebook.


At least one trader furiously blamed middle easterners for the con.


Siamchon News reported that four shops in Tesco Lotus and its surroundings were hit.




Mobile phone shop owner Jiradech Nomneuy, 25, said some "khaek khao" (a term usually used to refer to middle eastern gentlemen of lighter skin color) came into his shop wanting some film coating for a phone.


They gave him a 1,000 baht note for the 250 baht job. Only after they left - in a bit of a hurry - did he discover the fake.


The numbers in Thai numerals and Roman did not match and some commenters online said real notes are "softer".


Sombat Kaewmoonmuk of Pattaya police is leading the investigation. He and his team are studying CCTV to get a lead and he said that "it shouldn't be very difficult" to get the gang.


He warned the public to beware.


Other warnings went out on the We Love Pattaya Facebook page.


On that page they said several shops were affected and the gang were foreigners.


On another Facebook page of "Birdvgo" the angry poster did not mince his words calling the gang "bloody Arabs".


Source: Siamchon News

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