Policeman saved by Samsung Note 2 will get free S6

Samsung Galaxy S6Chiang Mai:- A police sergeant senior major who was saved by his Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone will get a free Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone as a replacement, he said.
Pol Maj Gen Sophon Thonglorm of Mae Rim police station in Chiang Mai was shot at by a suspect on Monday but the bullet hit his Note 2 phone he was carrying at the left side of his waist.
Although the bullet pierced through the phone, it had lost velocity and only slightly injured Sophon. The phone became completely unusable.
His photos and story went viral on Facebook and other online social networks. Sophon’s friends said he was saved by the “Luangpor Samsung”. The term “Luangpor” is used to call sacred amulets.
Eventually words reached Samsung Thailand that decided to hand over one of its latest smartphone models to the policeman.
Sophon said Samsung Thailand contacted him, offering him a Galaxy S6 phone plus travelling expense for him to travel to Bangkok to receive it.
“I accepted the offer. I’ll go to Bangkok to get it. I am very happy. I survived and Samsung attached importance to this,” Sophon recounted while attending a merit making ceremony at his police station on Thursday.
“I am happy that Samsung will give me a new phone. I’ve shared this good news with my wife. Normally, I carry my phone at the left waist.  It was my luck that the bullet happened to hit the phone. I fell down and shot back at the guy.”
Khaosod reported that Samsung will hand over the phone to the policeman at the Khaosod head office.
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