Pattaya caddy said cop bust her tooth and kicked her into the cells

PUBLISHED ON SUN, OCT 15, 2017 1:37 AM

Pattaya caddy said cop bust her tooth and kicked her into the cells



Image: Sanook


A caddy at a Pattaya golf course has appealed to the Thai media for justice after she said she was assaulted by a police officer and kicked into the cells.

Buathong 27, told Sanook that on Wednesday she and a friend had been involved in an argument with a foreigner and police had taken them to the station.

She felt she was not in the wrong and loudly complained when they wanted to put her in the cells to calm down.

Outside the cells she said she was repeatedly hit in the face by a policeman who then proceeded to kick her into the cells.

He broke a tooth on the left side of her mouth.

Seeing that she was injured the officer - named later as Jirawat - allowed her out to go to the hospital.

She said she returned later and being unable to accept what had happened to her she met another officer and compensation was agreed that would pay for her hospital treatment.

But when she went back to the station on Friday to get the money she said that the officer who assaulted her went back on his word and threatened to sue her if she said any more about it.

Undaunted - and with photo evidence from her friend - Buathong went to the media.

Contacted by Sanook, the station chief Apichai Krobpetch said he was aware of the basic details of the case. He said he had asked officer Jirawat to provide him with a report of his actions and promised justice for both sides in the case.

Sanook contacted Jirawat who said he was taking his child to hospital and it wasn't convenient to talk right now.

He said he'd explain everything later.


Source: Sanook


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