Pattaya announces new public enemy number one - smokers and their deadly cigarettes!

Pattaya announces new public enemy number one - smokers and their deadly cigarettes!



Picture: Sophon Cable


The Pattaya mayor has announced all out war on smokers.


Heavy penalties will await those who break the law come February as the local authority rolled out their campaign to stop beach smoking.


But it is not just the beach that is on mayor Anana Charoenchasri's radar - heavy penalties are promised for smokers and those who sell the demon weed in other areas too.


Sophon Cable TV reported on the mayor beginning the anti-smoking drive with a large number of officials and operators in attendance at various events on Jomtien Beach yesterday.


Cigarettes and smokers were deemed the new enemy - both of the public and the environment.


Apart from being bad for health to users and through second hand smoke to the innocent, the butts were damaging marine life, killing the environment and even blocking drains causing floods.


One year in jail and 100,000 baht fines await those disobeying the environmental ordinances that also include the dumping of rubbish that is damaging the local environment.


Also 5,000 baht fines were awaiting those smoking in places were the habit was forbidden while those selling tobacco to minors could expect 3 months inside or a 30,000 baht fine or both.


People splitting up cigarettes to sell individually would be liable to 40,000 baht fines too.


As beach chair operators and Thai traditional masseuses gathered for "training" early yesterday in Jomtien the message was clear - help us rid the resort of smokers on beaches and in forbidden places.


And give the non-smoking public clean smoke free air to breathe and cleaner beaches to enjoy. 


Source: Sophon Cable

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