Locals sure that ghosts killed "trouser-less" engineer - but police remain baffled

PUBLISHED ON FRI, DEC 8, 2017 12:20 PM

Locals sure that ghosts killed "trouser-less" engineer - but police remain baffled



Picture: Sanook


PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN: Mystery surrounds the death of a Saraburi engineer found dead under a slab of concrete next to a deserted beach restaurant.


Thirty year old Yuthapong was found without his trousers on.


Bang Saphan police think he might have fallen asleep and been hit by ocean debris brought in on a big wave.


But the locals are all sure - he was enticed to the lonely spot by a ghost that resulted in his death.


A fellow engineer said that the victim was in the area with work colleagues installing some motors. But he disappeared on Wednesday evening and when he had not shown up for work by midday Thursday they went looking for him.


They found his Vigo pick-up parked next to the beach where there is a deserted restaurant. Fifty meters away was his lifeless body underneath a slab of concrete.


Police and foundation medics helped lift the concrete off the body that was dressed in a purple shirt but no trousers.


Nearby was a bed sheet. Police think that he may have gone to the beach and dozed off only to be hit by some debris brought in by waves. But they admitted they were baffled by the lack of trousers.


There was no sign of a struggle or apparent injuries to the body.


They were hoping an autopsy might help them clear up the mystery.


But as the news spread many locals came to the scene. They were in no doubt what happened.


They told Sanook that the area was haunted by a particularly nasty ghost that clearly enticed the man to his ultimate fate.


All the locals know about it, but the man was from out of town and would be none the wiser.


Source: Sanook

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