Australian man victim of violent assault in popular Pattaya bar - report

Australian man victim of violent assault in popular Pattaya bar - report



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A man has suffered serious injuries and may even have been killed after being the victim of a violent assault in a bar in Pattaya.


The victim, who is believed to be Australian, was attacked by a man in the Ruby Lounge at around 6.30pm on Friday 9th February in front of shocked customers and staff.


According to reports on social media the victim became involved in a confrontation with a group of 4-5 foreign men who were allegedly very drunk and acting in an aggressive manner.


If it is unclear how or why the confrontation began but according to a witness one of the group is said to have approached the victim before throwing him across the bar and punching him several times in the face. 


As the victim was the on the floor, the attacker then stamped on his head multiple times, according to an account from someone who claimed to have seen the incident and posted on the Pattaya 24/7 Facebook group.


“He [the attacker] smashed his foot from above in the guys [victim's] face at least 10-15 times with full force. That whole incident lasted probably 20 seconds”, the witness wrote.


The witness claimed the victim was left unconscious and suffered horrific injuries to his face. 


They said that the group of 4-5 men who were with the attacker even took photos of the victim as he lay on the floor.


“The bully's buddies where making pics of the poor guy and were very proud of her friend. They didn't make an attempt to leave the bar. We left the scene before the ambulance arrived”, the post read.


Thaivisa hasn’t been able to confirm the incident and has received conflicting reports on the condition of the victim, with one witness saying the victim later died in hospital.


It is not known if police are investigating the incident.


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