Don Muang airport: Renovate and upgrade NOW!

Don Muang airport: Renovate and upgrade NOW!


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Influential Thai media Thai Rath has called on the government to get their finger out and stop wasting time in upgrading and renovating Don Muang airport.

In a comment piece their columnist "Mae Look Jan" said that Don Muang was a crisis already in the making.

In 2017 some 38 million passengers passed through Bangkok's second largest airport of which 14 million were on international flights and 24 million domestic.

But in 2018 this was expected to rise to 42 million.

The airport was deemed to have had a capacity of just 30 million passengers a while back so this would now be exceeded by 12 million a year. 

The airport was bursting at the seams.

Soon there would be no place to stand - let alone sit at Don Muang.

The columnist called on a budget of 2 billion baht to be spent upgrading the airport - and decisions about this to be done quickly.

They suggested old buildings be pressed back into service as a third terminal.

And they also suggested radical improvements to parking at the airport and the traffic flow within it that was a mess. 

Thaivisa notes that just ten years ago there was talk of closing the airport for good after Suvarnabhumi opened. There was even mention of moving government offices into the terminal buildings.

This compares to today when the airport is expected to grow faster than both Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao, stressed Mae Look Jan. 


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