Video: "Aunty in traditional costume" who hurled abuse at the cops faces defamation trouble

PUBLISHED ON MON, APR 16, 2018 11:08 AM

Video: "Aunty in traditional costume" who hurled abuse at the cops faces defamation trouble



Picture: Daily News


A furious Thai woman filmed atop a barrier venting her spleen at police and military for blocking off a road can expect trouble.


The governor of Phijit province has called for her arrest for defamation and hindering the work of the authorities.


Her more than two minute rant includes many swear words including suggestions that the fathers and mothers of those in uniform bear a resemblance to male genital organs.


She is one of a group of male and female traders angry that they couldn't get into the area and were thus prevented in selling things while the road was blocked for Songkran.


It involved a three kilometer stretch of the Khao Tang Road in downtown Phijit in Thailand's north east.


Following an hour long meeting it was decided to open one lane just so long as the traders did not sell alcohol or turn on loud music.


Governor Wirasak Wijitsaengsri said that the roadblock was done for good reason to allow easier access for residents in and out of their homes fearing they would be blocked in by vehicles.


However, he was not happy with the "aunty in the brown traditional Thai costume" as she was called across Thai social media.


He called for her to be found and prosecuted.


While the Nam Yeun station police told people to stop sharing the video as it was now part of a criminal prosecution and could mean more trouble for those sharing the story.


Source: Daily News

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