No mate, this is not exactly what they meant by "Traditional Thai-style Songkran"

PUBLISHED ON MON, APR 16, 2018 12:45 PM

No mate, this is not exactly what they meant by "Traditional Thai-style Songkran"



Pictures: Manager Online


Culture watchdogs in Phuket want a word with a Thai man who was filmed dancing in Patong in shorts.


The bare-chested man is seen writhing provocatively while another person - believed to be a lady boy - comes up and smears some powder on his genital area, reported Manager.




The was not what the authorities had in mind when they called for a traditional Thai Songkran full of family values and old period costumes.


Though there was no nudity involved they are looking for the man - and the poster - for some Thai attitude adjustment and possible punishment.




Manager added that the footage was shared across social media by a public split between saying how inappropriate this was and others who just said it was entertainment in an entertainment area....get over yourselves.


Source: Manager Online

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