Ambulance trapped again! When are the government, police, courts - someone - going to do something!

PUBLISHED ON THU, MAY 17, 2018 7:33 PM

Ambulance trapped again! When are the government, police, courts - someone - going to do something!


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Frustrated posters on Facebook are fed up with reading stories about selfish drivers refusing to pull over for ambulances.


So much so that the Thai public is questioning why someone doesn't do something decisive.


They are asking: Why don't the police, the government, the courts act to end this state of affairs?


With almost half a dozen cases in the news in recent weeks - including when patients in the ambulances died - the Thai public have had enough of the selfishness. 


In the latest case an old man was being taken to Ratchathewi hospital in Bangkok for an operation.


A Honda was filmed almost playing cat and mouse with the driver of the ambulance.


The poster asked him sarcastically if he thought it was some kind of race that he wanted to win by pretending to pull over and brake.


Some posters questioned why the siren was not on.


The driver said that they did not always put the siren on - that would be unnecessarily disturbing for the public and residents.


He also countered claims that he should undertake on the left - he said that doing this puts the patient and equipment like drips and vital signs' monitoring devices at unnecessary risk of problems and damage.


He just implored drivers to show some politeness - and get out of the way of emergency vehicles. 


But it was the frustrations of posters on Facebook that came through most. 


They are as fed up with the do-nothing authorities as much as the irresponsible drivers hindering the ambulances.





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