Hua Hin Business Network donates a monthly stipend for Charity Hua Hin for the next 12 months


Hua Hin Business Network donates a monthly stipend for Charity Hua Hin for the next 12 months



Picture: Peter Kirketerp Treasurer and secretary of Hua Hin Business Network hands over first installment of monthly of stipend to Charity Hua Hin Volunteer Vincent Kerreman on 1 June 2018

On 1 June 2018 Hua Hin Business Network handed over the first of one years’ worth of monthly donations of 10,000 thb to Charity Hua Hin. Charity Hua Hin provides help in the form of financial or medical support for local families who are unable to take care of themselves, due physical handicaps and in some cases old age disabilities. 


This monthly stipend will allow Charity Hua Hin to take on more families to help, in the immediate future.


Charity Hua Hin is run 100% by volunteers and all money donated to their organization goes to their “patients”, as all administrative costs are covered by the volunteers themselves. 


Patients are found via Hua Hin Hospital, who help to identify families that are not coping financially or need additional help for better quality of life.


Together with Charity Hua Hin, Hua Hin Hospital also acts as translators during visits and provide services such as wound care and/or physical therapy in the patient’s home. 


Charity Hua Hin provides a monthly food hamper for those that cannot manage due to high cost of medical bills or due to main breed winner not being able to work. 


Also in some cases the Charity provides patients with medical aids and adult pampers for those that are incontinent. 


Hua Hin Business Network feels Charity Hua Hin is much deserving of a monthly donation due to their excellent aid track record for the local disabled in Hua Hin. 


Pisa Cheng, President of Hua Hin Business Network says “ We are proud to hand this first stipend to Charity Hua Hin, which will allow them to take on more families in need, than they do now. 


We feel it’s our duty to help those in our community that are struggling by providing the funds for Charity Hua Hin to customize a solution for their patients”. 


Vincent Kerremas  a long term volunteer in the care of the disables and volunteer of Charity Hua Hin accepted the first payment saying “ We are overwhelmed and grateful for this donation, it will allow us to do more good in our home city Hua Hin”


Many disabled people in Thailand struggle to live and buy necessities, as they only receive a 800thb handout by the government per month, which usually does not even cover food or medical needs. 


This is where Charity Hua Hin steps into give a helping hand by finding out what is needed for each specific family and helping them get the items needed. 


To donate or to find out more about Charity Hua Hin go their Website:


The Hua Hin Business Network is a Non-Profit organisation, made up of volunteers from the local business community that are all interested in helping other businesses to promote themselves, but also use their combined efforts to fund raise and donate it to deserving charities. 


Hua Hin Business Network hosts monthly events in various locations were people can meet and network.


For more information on Hua Hin Business Network go to go to 

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