A true Pattaya Happy Ending - foul mouth granddad says sorry to cop!

A true Pattaya Happy Ending - foul mouth granddad says sorry to cop!



Picture: Pattaya Eastern News


It all started on Sunday when Pattaya granddad Joseph, 77, from Canada threw a wobbly on his motorcycle.


He had just made an illegal turn at the intersection of South Pattaya road and Sai 3 thinking that he was in the right.


Traffic cop Pol Lt Woraphan Kaewmorakot - himself near retirement age - issued a ticket for the violation.


Joseph took umbrage.


In fact his words were not those usually associated with a kindly old grand pop.


They were laced with what to the Thais sounds like the word for a pumpkin or is used for counting corn on the cob - "Fack Fack Fack"...followed by "you".


You get the idea.


Woraphan - used to expletives after a lifetime in the force - just took the rant on the chin and did nothing more as Joseph drove off in a fury with his ticket.


However, as Pattaya Easternnews reported, Joseph went home and realized he had been wrong to get his North American knickers in such a twist.


And he most likely secretly admired the tolerance shown by the officer.


So with his son he turned up at the Pattaya police station with a large basket of goodies for the traffic cop.


Smiles and wais were exchanged Thai style as Woraphan appreciated the gesture and accepted the apology.


The news media called it a true Pattaya Happy Ending.


And an example to all of how anger can be turned to smiles and good feelings.


Thaivisa notes that "happy ending" is a term often used to indicate the culmination of certain forms of massage practiced in Pattaya and elsewhere.


Source: Pattaya Eastern News

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