Big Joke hits the jackpot - busts Ponzi scheme worth billions

PUBLISHED ON WED, JUL 11, 2018 6:20 PM

Big Joke hits the jackpot - busts Ponzi scheme worth billions




In one of his biggest successes yet crime buster extraordinary Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal has busted a huge Ponzi scheme.


The deputy commissioner of the Thai Tourist Police Bureau - known as Big Joke in the Thai media after a series of high profile results - Surachet led a team of his own men and Electronic Crime Suppression Division officers in the bust.


Arrested on Tuesday after raids at 15 locations was alleged ringleader of the scheme Chinnawat Noiwan.


A total of 32 arrests were made. 


The TPB said that the scheme involved a turnover of billions of baht.


It is connected to a company called OD Capital that was operating illegally in Thailand.


Investors were offering 10% returns and more if they recommended others to join the scheme.


The TPB said that 500,000 people may have been duped. 


Maj Gen Surachet led the press conference that marks yet another feather in his own cap and that of his team. His successful busts are now an almost daily feature of the Thai news.


All suspects involved have been charged with fraud. 



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