Chuwit walks free after month-long ‘prison inspection’

Chuwit walks free after month-long ‘prison inspection’

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TV news talk-show host Chuwit Kamolvisit was released from jail on Saturday morning after he had served his one-month jail term for concealment of assets.


Chuwit was released at 7.30am from Bangkok Remand Prison where his family and an army of reporters were waiting for him.


The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Office had found him guilty of concealing his assets in his assets statement to the National Anti-Corruption Commission when he left office as an MP on December 9, 2013.


The court sent him straight to jail without suspending the prison term and also banned him from politics for five years.


Chuwit waved to reporters and cameramen as he walked through the prison gate.


He spoke tongue-in-cheek that he had finished his month-long inspection of the prison.


He said he would like to thank all sides for giving him the chance to get inside and he now wanted to have sea food and fresh air because it was unpleasant in the prison.


Chuwit said it was the third time he had been imprisoned and he found the prison to be much cleaner this time.


He thanked prison officials for taking good care of him and said he would hold a press conference on Monday to talk about his imprisonment.


He said he had not yet made up his mind whether to resume his job as a TV host because he would like to rest first.


He said his health had improved in the prison because he could eat and sleep at proper timings and nobody smoke and drank inside so most prisoners were in good health.


Chuwit said he had met several well-known persons in the prison and all were equal as inmates.


“I humbly accepted the ruling of the court. The good point of the Thai justice system is mercy. I love this country. All know deep down in their heart whether they are innocent or guilty. If they make it easier by admitting the crime, the court will show mercy and the trial will not be lengthy,” Chuwit said.


“I didn’t use any lawyer in my case. I have money but I have a principle that I’d rather serve a short term in prison rather than a longer term by losing the case after a long legal battle.”


His son Tontrakul Kamolvisit said he was happy that his father had walked free and he planned to take him out to eat sea food and he may even take him out of the country to a place with cold weather.


“Dad misses the cold weather,” Tontrakul said.




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