Driver's out of body experience as he credits amulet with miraculous escape


Driver's out of body experience as he credits amulet with miraculous escape



Picture: Thai Rath


NAHON SI THAMMARAT: -- A driver credited his amulet with saving his life in a horror smash that completely destroyed his Fortuner.


But there was much more to the story than the usual claim about a magical amulet saving a life.


Police and observers of the aftermath of the Fortuner's collision with the back of a parked 18 wheel truck and large tree in Thung Song were astounded that anyone could survive, reported Thai Rath.


In fact with no body at the scene they started a search believing the driver was in pieces in the undergrowth somewhere.


But he was later found 200 meters away - telling relatives who found him that he was sorry that he was dead.


He did not even have a scratch on his body.


Sayan Khiawyai, 42, a restaurant and car rental business owner in Phuket, was on his way to Nakorn Sri Thammarat on Wednesday to attend a wedding of his adopted son.


Relatives called to check on his progress as the Fortuner was going to be decked out as the groom's wedding car for the ceremony the next day. Sayan said he was thirty minutes from their house.


But subsequent calls were not answered and relatives went in search after hearing of an accident in Thung Song district.


His adoptive brother Tawatphun Praserttikun, 35, said that they feared the worst as they arrived at the scene and started looking with police and foundation staff for Sayan in the undergrowth assuming that he was already dead.


The car was completely destroyed.


But they found no sign of the driver so they decided to spread out and search the wider area.


In a clearing 200 meters from the accident Tawatphun saw Sayan sitting quietly and went up to say to him: "Wow! I can't believe it you're alive!"


The reply was not as expected. Sayan said: "I'm so sorry to let everyone down. I won't be coming to the wedding. I was killed in a road accident".


At which point Tawatphun shook his brother's arm and said: "Brother! Brother! Phee Yan! You are not dead - you're still alive!"


Realizing he was still flesh and blood Sayan hugged Tawatphun and they walked back to the crash site where stunned searchers and police could not believe their eyes.


They all wanted to know if he was wearing an amulet - he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his "Phor Than Khlai" amulet, the only one he has worn since he bought it at a temple twenty six years ago.


Sayan explained to investigating police yesterday that he was on his way to the wedding when he hit the back of a trailer that was parked on the hard shoulder but sticking out 50 centimeters into the left lane. He lost control and was catapulted into a tree.


He said that he felt himself float above the cab and assumed that he was dead. He had no recollection of walking away from the wreckage until he was found by his relative.


Nathapong Maiduang investigating for the Thung Song police said it was absolutely unbelievable that Sayan had not only survived but been completely unscathed without a single scratch.


He said that the truck driver had felt sleepy and pulled over but had left the back edge of his trailer sticking out on the dark road and then promptly fell asleep.


Both vehicles are now at the police station as the investigation continues.


Source: Thai Rath

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