Fellow bar girl pinched my undies, says Sri Racha woman after being cleaned out

Fellow bar girl pinched my undies, says Sri Racha woman after being cleaned out



Picture: Sanook


A bar girl working at a Japanese lounge has gone to police after she arrived back at her room to find everything gone.


Angkhana, 22, pointed the finger of blame squarely at Thippawan, 19, who had just come to work at the Soi Sony lounge a month ago and who she had let stay with her.


The thief stole her bed, her wardrobe, a 100 designer outfits and bags, shoes, a fan and 8,000 baht in cash.


Even her underwear was missing.


Angkhana said that she often slept at her boyfriend's place saying that the theft occurred while she was away from September 3 to 5.


Attempts to contact the thief have failed so Sri Racha police are now trying to track her down.


The hunt for the knicker nicker gathers pace.


Source: Sanook

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