Shock! Man films Peeping Tom who rubs his leg in department store toilets

PUBLISHED ON FRI, SEP 14, 2018 8:33 AM

Shock! Man films Peeping Tom who rubs his leg in department store toilets



Picture: Daily News


A Thai man gave the national news an interview after his experience in some public toilets at a well known department store. 


"Yong Yuth" had filmed a clip that he posted on Facebook - a male face was leering in from the next cubicle. 


Then a hand comes through and works its way up from the shin to the lower thigh. 


The victim said it had happened to him before and he had shouted and made a fuss. This time he decided to remain quiet and started filming for evidential purposes as he sat and did his business. 


"I was pretending to be playing on my phone," he said. "Then I got up and put my trousers on and went to find the maid". 


"Trouble is I am shortsighted and I lost the boy in the crowd". 


He said that the Peeping Tom was a school student though he could not be sure which school. 


"I reported the matter to the store," he added. "They said it was happening all the time.


"After that I noticed there was a peephole in the cubicle. I shall be stuffing these up next time I am in the toilets". 


The store, as is customary, was not named. 


Source: Daily News

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