All smiles after Pattaya police arrest three bank robbers and free hostage

All smiles after Pattaya police arrest three bank robbers and free hostage



Picture: Sophon Cable


Pattaya police proved that the world class resort was in safe hands yesterday when they apprehended three bank robbers, freed a hostage and recovered all the loot.


There was just one catch - it wasn't real.


They were practicing for the real thing at the Government Housing Bank branch in North Pattaya. 


Sophon said in their story that the public and tourists could have confidence in the excellent Pattaya police led by station chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch who was on hand for the photo-shoot with bank employees. 


Sophon said: "If it really happens the robbers won't get away - they will be immediately arrested" by Pattaya's finest. 



Picture: Sophon Cable


In the staged drama three men arrived on two motorbikes and took a hostage. It wasn't clear if the robbers were armed but it was scary - they were all wearing full face helmets. 


Leading the training was station deputy Pol Lt-Col Korn Samdane who said that robberies of banks and gold shops was a common thing these days and it was a good idea to be prepared. 



Picture: Sophon Cable


The training was held to encourage officers under his command and show them what to do in case of a robbery.


It was useful also for the bank employees to know how to handle the situation in the moments before the constabulary are on the scene, he added. 


Source: Sophon Cable

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