Taxi vans want the same deal as VIP cabs - 100 baht from airports and right not to use meter

PUBLISHED ON FRI, SEP 14, 2018 12:17 PM

Taxi vans want the same deal as VIP cabs - 100 baht from airports and right not to use meter



Picture: Daily News


Daily news reported that a threatened boycott by 1000 taxi vans at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok failed to materialize today. 


The drivers of the vans that are bigger than normal cabs are incensed that the newly introduced "VIP" cabs can charge 100 baht surcharge to use the airport instead of the standard 50 baht. 


The van drivers said they are larger, can accommodate more passengers and luggage and should not be disadvantaged. They want the same 100 baht extra deal.


The VIP cabs started operations on Sunday. 


That is not the van drivers only beef with the authorities. They want the same rights not to turn on the meter as the VIP cabs.


The VIP cabs can forget the meter on journeys over 300 kilometers. Van drivers say that fares are too low as it is and facing suspensions for not turning on the meter is unjust.


They need to start charging their own rates, they have threatened.


Daily News said that 50 drivers had earlier protested about the situation and decided with others to boycott Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang today, Friday.


However, sources at Bangkok's main airport said this had not happened suggesting that the van drivers were conducting a waiting game to see if the authorities would give in to their demands. 


Source: Daily News

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