Three french tourists face years in Thai jail for making false robbery claim on Samui

Three french tourists face years in Thai jail for making false robbery claim on Samui




Police on the holiday island of Koh Samui said that three French tourists claimed that they were robbed at knife point by five Thai men on three motorcycles after they got lost.


They claimed that everything was stolen from them and the thieves disappeared without a trace. 


They have shown to be lying for the purposes of insurance fraud and now face three years in jail themselves. 


They are Priscilla Monga, 31, Bryan Dubois, 25, and thirty two year old Yan Chastel (all names transliterated from Thai language). 




They are in the custody of the island's police, reported New TV.


They originally told the cops that on Wednesday of last week they had taken a song thaew to a hotel in Lamai and got off at the wrong spot by mistake. They couldn't be precise about where but said they walked down a soi and were then robbed at knife point by the Thai men.


Police suspected they may be telling lies because they couldn't say where and exactly when it happened. Subsequent inquiries with song thaew drivers and others showed a distinct lack of any witnesses. 


The trio were confronted at their hotel and eventually admitted to lying for insurance fraud. 


All the missing possessions were found in a room in a hotel next to where they were staying.


They face three years in jail for filing a false report. 


Source: New TV

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