Video: Drunk Russian couple launch unprovoked attack on Indians in Pattaya

Video: Drunk Russian couple launch unprovoked attack on Indians in Pattaya



Picture: Siamchon News


A Russian couple have been arrested after attacking a group of Indians in Pattaya.


The couple, described as being in their 30s were said to be drunk at the time of the incident, set up on the group of Indians near the intersection at Pattaya Clang and Second Road on Saturday night.


Witnesses said the Russian man approached the group of Indian tourists and began trying to punch them, while the woman started shouting “Russia, Russia, Russia” before trying to attack them with a glass bottle.


Thai media reported the attack was completely unprovoked.


Local motorbike taxi drivers and other tourists came to the assistance of the Indians, forcing the Russian couple to flee the area.


However, they were pursued, with a group of taxi drivers detaining the couple until police arrived and arrested them.


Once in custody, the Russian couple were uncooperative, even bagan spitting at officers, and would only speak to confirm they were married.


The Indian tourists, who declined medical treatment, filed a report with police.


The Russian couple remain in custody and will meet with a representative from the Russian Embassy on Monday.


Source: Siamchon News

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