Chonburi: Mum blames ghost for possessing son who was electrocuted at football pitch

Mum blames ghost for possessing son who was electrocuted at football pitch



Pictures: Sanook


The mother of a boy who was electrocuted after climbing to bash a faulty light at a municipal football pitch has blamed a ghost.


Ploidech or "Nun" aged just 16 was playing football with his mates in Samet sub-district in Chonburi  on Tuesday evening when one of four floodlights went out. 


He kicked the post of the light to get it to work but when that didn't have the desired effct he scaled the fence. 


He then hit the light with his hand and was electrocuted and fell to the ground. 


He had a burnt right hand, swollen head and blood coming from his mouth and ear but was able to talk when his mother Watcharee arrived on the scene. 




He was taken to Chonburi hospital and doctors told her it was just as well that she was quick or her son would have died. 


But then his conditioned worsened as a brain hemorrhage was discovered. The boy also had a ruptured spleen and liver from the fall. 


He was given emergency surgery and is now in a coma in ICU. His mother said she hopes he will pull through but is ready for the worst.


She told Sanook that her son had seen the hanging body of a suicide victim in the area of the football pitch just two days prior. She is convinced that the spirit of the deceased possessed her son and wanted to take him to die in the place of the suicide victim.


Why else would he have climbed up to that light?, she asked reporters. 


Deputy of the Samet sub-district Sumeth Phaisitsawet said that the football pitch was closed until further notice as an investigation is underway. 


He promised help for the victim. 


This is the first time there has been a problem at the football pitch in question. 


Source: Sanook

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