Chinese man in custody after making false theft report to Pattaya police

Chinese man in custody after making false theft report to Pattaya police




A Chinese man is in police custody in Pattaya after he claimed that two compatriots he met at Suvarnabhumi airport stole all his money while he went for a swim. 


But it turned out that the couple had had an argument with the man over money and had taken his passport for security. 


No theft had ever occurred. 


Pattaya station chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch recounted a scarcely believable tale of lies to Pattaya News. 


Last week Jihong Mao, 26, had gone to Pattaya police to say that a Chinese man and woman - a couple - had taken a bag containing $US 20,000, 10,000 Yuan and 70,000 baht from him. 


Mao claimed that he had met Liang Yaxi, 27, and Miss Li Yiying by chance at Bangkok's main airport and they had decided to stay together at a hotel on Sai 2 road.


While out swimming he asked the couple to look after his purple Gucci bag containing all the money. 


Returning from the swim he forgot to ask for it back. The next day, the 3rd of January, he remembered about his money and went to the couple's room to get it only to find out they had left the hotel.


His passport was also missing from his own room. 


Pattaya police smelled a rat and went to find the couple who were now found to be staying at the At Mind Premier Suites in Central Pattaya.


They gave a different version of events. 


They said that Mao was a friend of theirs who had ripped them off by charging them ten times the real cost of a trip. 


They argued and went to stay elsewhere taking his passport as security and intending to make a police claim of their own against Mao. 


But he beat them to it to allege theft. 


Mao is now in custody having been charged with making a false report to police. 


Source: The Pattaya News

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