Pattaya is BOOMING! 100% New Year occupancy points to great times ahead, tourism official

Pattaya is BOOMING! 100% New Year occupancy points to great times ahead, tourism official



Picture: Sophon Cable


Sophon quoted a leading business and tourism official as saying that Pattaya was booming and only good times are ahead for the resort. 


New Year was a fantastic success with all the shows and giveaways and the upcoming events meant that family friendly Pattaya was all systems go and just boom boom into the future. 


By this he meant economic boom. 



Picture: Sophon Cable


Ekkasit Ngamphichet - the chief of the Business and Tourism Association of Pattaya - said that New Year was simply wonderful in Pattaya. 


Occupancy reports suggest that hotels were crammed to virtually 100% of available rooms.


Chinese and Japanese people in particular arrived in droves - especially the F.I.T. tourists. These are the "free independent travelers" not on group tours that are increasing selecting Pattaya as their destination of choice. 



Picture: Sophon Cable


Ekkasit said that Pattaya had organised two full days of breathtaking events at New Year to attract tourists. Highlight was the giving away of a million baht pick-up on New Year's Eve by Mono 29. 


This all points the way to a great future, he said.


He pointed out that the fun never stops in Pattaya and events such as the official opening of the new beach, the Pattaya Music Festival and the International Fireworks (to name but three) would keep both Thai and western tourists flooding in. 


In addition preparations and events would be held this year ahead of 2020's "60th Anniversary of Pattaya" that promises to be a further reason to come to the resort. 


Sophon's upbeat report followed a negative one a few days ago when they said that the Bali Hai area of town was a filthy mess with litter floating in the harbor and the authorities doing nothing to collect it. 


Source: Sophon Cable

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