Lampang: Thai wife shoots husband's mistress dead but he survives shooting

Thai wife shoots husband's mistress dead but he survives shooting



Picture: Sanook


A Thai wife bent on revenge went armed with a 9 mm gun to lie in wait for her husband and his "mia noi" (minor wife or mistress) to arrive at her shop in Lampang on Wednesday evening. 


When they did she unloaded the pistol into them both. Then she waited nearby drinking a beer for the cops to come and arrest her. 


The mistress later died while the husband - a prison officer - is still alive in a grievous condition in hospital.


The drama happened outside a second hand clothes shop in Chompoo sub-district of Muang district in the northern Thai city of Lampang. 


Tittichada, 42, the shop owner and Anuwat, 52, an officer at Lampang prison, were both shot. 


Tittichada was shot in the back of the head as she tried to enter her shop. Anuwat was shot in the ribs. 


Four shell casings and two bullets were found at the crime scene that had been taped off as forensics began their work around 7 pm. 


Nearby drinking a beer outside a convenience store was the wife of Anuwat, fifty five year old Prapha.


A 9mm CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka) semi-automatic Czech made pistol was taken from her. 


Sanook said the evidence was that Prapha rode her yellow Honda Dream motorcycle to a nearby market and parked and waited for her husband and his mistress to arrive in a Nissan car. 


When they did she approached them as they exited the car and shot at them multiple times.


The husband ended up slumped in the middle of the road as the wife chased after the mistress and shot her at the entrance to her clothes shop. When the gun jammed she left the scene. 


Police arrested her nearby where she was waiting accompanied by a member of the public who ensured that she did not leave and who called the rescue foundation and the police. 


Prapha said that she had known about her husband's affair for a long time. She had told the couple to end the relationship but they refused. 


She said she wanted revenge so she rode to the area with a gun and shot them both. 


The mistress died later in hospital but the husband is still alive.


Prapha is in custody and has been charged though the exact nature of the charge was not reported by Sanook. 


Source: Sanook

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