Russian drugged and robbed by two lady boys that he thought were women

Russian drugged and robbed by two lady boys that he thought were women



Picture: Sanook


A Russian man told Bo Phut police on Koh Samui that he had been drugged and robbed by two women he had met in a bar and taken back to his room for a threesome. 


But when cops checked the hotel CCTV they discovered what was not yet obvious to the tourist - the shes he thought he was going to enjoy that night were in fact hes. 


Sergei Igolov, 44, woke late on Wednesday morning to find that he had lost all his cash. Missing from his room was 9,000 baht, US $3,500 and 9,000 Roubles - all adding up to about 150,000 baht in Thai money. 


He immediately went to Bo Phut cops and through a Russian interpreter called Siyamiya told them he had met two women who befriended him at a bar. Things went well and he invited them to spend the night with him at his hotel. 


On the way they stopped at a convenience store to buy whisky and they also bought some watermelon, reported Sanook. 


Back at his room the last thing he remembered was having a few sips of his whisky and a bite of watermelon that one of the women had prepared for him. 


He woke nearly at midday and all his money had gone. He had no doubts that he had been drugged and police agreed. 


The cops studied the hotel CCTV. What they didn't agree on was Sergei's assessment that his night companions were women. 


They were in no doubt that the pair seen arriving with him at 3 am were lady boys. 


They were seen leaving on a black motorcycle about an hour later. 


Investigations continue. 


Source: Sanook



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