Fully loaded: Phuket Police arrest eight on drugs, guns charges

PUBLISHED ON SAT, MAY 20, 2017 12:47 PM

Fully loaded: Phuket Police arrest eight on drugs, guns charges 

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Anong ‘Jeab’ Sae-Eu (centre, in orange shirt), 30, from Phuket was found carrying a well-made, but homemade, revolver in the car park at the main Super Cheap store on Thepkrasattri Rd in Rassada. Photo: Phuket Provincial Police


PHUKET: A team of officers from the Phuket Provincial Police led by Maj Ritthichai Chumchuay arrested eight people, most on drugs charges, but three for carrying illegal firearms – one of them a polished homemade revolver.


According to reports filed by Maj Ritthichai reported, the week began with a raid at a motorbike repair shop and adjoining accommodation in Kathu on Tuesday (May 16), where officers arrested six people on drugs-related charges at 5:15pm.


The raid followed a tip-off, Maj Ritthichai noted.


Anuwat “Boy” Thipmanee, 36, from Phuket, was found possession of 1.42 grams of crystal meth (ya ice) and four pills of methamphetamine (ya bah).


Chalermchart “Mhee” Kerdthong, 33, from Phuket, was found in possession of 3.83g of marijuana.


Ariyaphong “King” Tauroab, 32, from Phuket. He was seized with seized 370g of ya ice and an automatic pistol with 57 bullets.


Somnuek “Tu” Saejiw, 35, from Phuket, was found in possession of 420mg of ya ice, 2.5 pills of ya bah and an automatic 9mm pistol loaded with six bullets in the magazine.


While officers were searching the premises, Boonyarat “Rat” Khwankaew, 41, from Phuket, and Sudarat “Dao” Pathan, 27, from Phang Nga, arrived.

Police raided the home in Kathu where Boonyarat and Sudarat live the next day and found Sudarat in possession of 390mg of ya ice and Boonyarat in possession of 750mg of ya ice, six pills of ya bah and a fully loaded six-shooter revolver.

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