Tourists in Chiang Mai: We'd rather use Grab or Uber than rip off Red Buses

Tourists in Chiang Mai: We'd rather use Grab or Uber than rip off Red Buses



Picture: Chiang Mai News


A poll in Chiang Mai among Thai tourists has given a big thumbs up to Uber and Grab and a big thumbs down to the city's notorious Rot Daeng or bed buses. 


The Mae Jo poll revealed that 76% of Thai tourists want to see the red vehicles reined in according to the law.


And 78% said they'd rather use Grab or Uber for their journeys when visiting the city. 


The majority of respondents to the survey spoke of the city's public transport infrastructure and routing being a complete mess. 


It didn't even go to where tourists wanted to visit. 


Some 84% said they had had one problem or another on transport in Chiang Mai with the overwhelming majority having been on the red buses. 


More than half of those complained about politeness and lack of public service. 


Thai visitors wanted to see better public transport option all round - this included suggestions there should be trams and electric trains. 


There were 423 respondents to the poll carried out between January 9 and 23. It was headed:


"Thai tourists: what do you think about public transport in Chiang Mai".


No mention was made in the Chiang Mai News story of any foreign tourists having been asked. This was outside the brief of the poll, it appeared. 




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