Chiang Mai karaoke rip-off strikes again - Thai pays 13,800 baht for nothing

Chiang Mai karaoke rip-off strikes again - Thai pays 13,800 baht for nothing



Caption: Man posts warning - More than 10,000 baht bill

(Thaivisa notes that bill says "food and drink) reported that a Thai man went on Facebook to recount how he was ripped off for food and drink he did not even consume at a Chiang Mai karaoke lounge. 


Police were initially useless when he complained. 


Only when he filed a report did he manage to get half his money back. 


The scam is well know to residents of the northern Thai city and this is merely the latest of a string of cases, notes Thaivisa. 


The unnamed man said that he had been on a tour of bars and hired a tuk-tuk to take him back to his hotel.


Instead of doing that the driver took him to a dark back entrance of a karaoke lounge in Chang Khlan district.


The man said he went in and before he knew it he had been given a bottle of Sang Som Thai rum, three or four bottles of soda and a bucket of ice. 


He said he never ordered it. 


When he tried to leave he was surrounded by staff who demanded payment before they would let him go. 


Fearing for his personal safety he paid 13,800 baht and never touched the drinks. 


The bill said for "food and drink" but the poster did not suggest that he ate anything either. 


Outside the poster stopped a police patrol who asked him if he had already paid and who allegedly refused to help him in any way. 


He basically said this was a tourist town and it was his own fault, according to an expletive laden part of the poster's claim that he hoped would serve as a warning to others.


Finally he went to the police station and they called the owner of the karaoke who agreed to return 6,900 baht or half the bill.


The poster then flew out of town. 


Source: CM108




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