Video: British man's car attacked while he slept at Pattaya housing estate

Video: British man's car attacked while he slept at Pattaya housing estate



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Nong Prue police are investigating after a gang of four masked men attacked a Ford Fiesta car parked outside the home of a 62 year old British man in Pattaya. 


The gang used wooden clubs to smash up the vehicle that was shown in a RukSiamNews video with a destroyed front windscreen and side driver's window. The car was also doused in an automotive fluid. 


An empty bottle of motorcycle brake fluid and a rock were taken into evidence. 


Mr Leslie Hodgson - who was not wearing a shirt - told police he was sleeping in his two story townhouse in the Rung Reuang Phase 2 estate when he heard noises outside. 



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He got out to find his car seriously damaged. He said he had no idea why anyone would target him and he said he had no problems with anyone. 


The estate has no CCTV, reported RukSiamNews.


However police became aware that the attack was perpetrated by four men. One had his face covered by a motorcycle helmet and the other three wore surgical masks. 


They fled on motorcycles. 



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Nong Prue station's Snr Sgt-Maj Romran Srikraiphak investigating said that it looked as though the gang had been ordered to attack. It was possible they had targeted the wrong car, he said. 


Investigations continue with police hoping that study of neighborhood CCTV will yield a lead in the case. 


SourceL RukSiamNews




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