Pattaya in crisis: Meeting held to discuss what to do about speedboats on the beach

Pattaya in crisis: Meeting held to discuss what to do about speedboats on the beach



Picture: Sophon TV


A meeting at City Hall in Pattaya heard that the Bali Hai port couldn't cope with the number of speedboats taking tourists on tours. 


Rapid expansion of services has meant that plans to use the rejuvenated South Pattaya port area are in total chaos. 


It was originally intended to force all operators to use Bali Hai. 


While renovations were in progress operators picked up their customers from Pattaya beach. 



Picture: Sophon TV


But now the work has finished it can't cope with the capacity so operators are still using the beach. 


This means 10,000 people a day are boarding vessels at the beach - there is a complete lack of safety and traffic in the area is dire. 


Deputy mayor Ronnakit Ekkasing admitted that a great deal of complaints had come in from tourists, operators and members of the public. 


Now a new solution must be found. It was not just a question of enforcement.


This will likely involve a rethink about the facilities at Bali Hai so that it can cope with the extra demand that was not envisaged. 


The area needs better transport management, better waiting facilities and more toilets to cope with the current overcrowding. 


City Hall are now mulling over what to do next in what has become a crisis in Pattaya. 


Source: Sophon TV




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