Grab vs Red Song Thaews in Chiang Mai: War goes on

Grab vs Red Song Thaews in Chiang Mai: War goes on




Thai PBS reported that the war between the public Red Song Thaews of Chiang Mai and Grab Car was continuing. 


On the one hand members of the public are finding Grab more convenient, personal and generally better value for money.


While the Red Bus drivers are complaining that their income has gone down the pan - by more than 50% in some cases. 


And now it has been revealed that hundreds of Grab Car drivers have been fined for violating pick-up regulations at Chiang Mai airport since the start of the year. 


The media spoke to several students about why they chose Grab. They said it was much better and provided a personal service often at only a small increased cost. 


It went to exactly where they went and was quicker than waiting for a Red Bus. 


One even claimed they had been dumped so that the Red Bus driver could pick up tourists - a more lucrative kind of passenger. 


Deputy of the Red Bus association Bunreuang Wangmee said his organisation represented 2,465 members.




While he admitted that some overcharged most kept to the 20 baht to 30 baht charges. He claimed that meant they were better value than Grab Car. 


He said that some of his members had seen their daily income plummet from 1,200 baht to 400-500 baht. 


The DLT and airport authorities meanwhile said that 344 Grab drivers had been fined for picking up passengers at Chiang Mai airport since January 1st. 


Thaivisa notes that the issue is one of old tech versus new tech with the Thai authorities still unable to come to terms with change in the modern era. 


Source: ThaiPBS


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