And the prize for most hapless thief of 2019 goes to.....Saran, 36!

And the prize for most hapless thief of 2019 goes to.....Saran, 36!



Caption: "Don't forgive him for this"


Sanook reported on a story of a Thai man who might be described as the most idiotic thief of the year. 


This mastermind of crime - identified as Saran aged 36 - had only been out of prison for five days. 


He decided to return to where he used to work - a shop in Chiang Mai - hoping that no one would recognize him.


This was his first of several key mistakes as the surgical mask was not terribly effective. 


He sneaked onto the third floor where there were financial offices and hid there. He then rummaged through some drawers and found 800 baht. 


Great, he thought, now I'll make my getaway. 


Think again.....the staff in the shop downstairs had already locked up for the night and he was now locked inside the store. 


He returned upstairs and decided to have a sleep until next morning. Before retiring for the night he thought it best to unplug the CCTV. 


It had already caught him stealing earlier but this proved a little beyond Saran's powers of imagination. 


When staff came to open up at 8.15 am on Monday he was waiting at the door. 


"Tang kiw" he said and rushed off. This appeared to be a Thai accented way of saying "Thank You". 


He was clearly recognized by staff who went straight to the police reporting the 800 baht theft. 


But the Chiang Mai constabulary didn't need to lift a finger to arrest him - he came to them. 


Next stop for Saran was the police station. He went there to get his motorcycle back. This had been confiscated from him after he was sentenced to one year and 2 months for theft last year. 


Officers dutifully slapped him in irons and threw him in the cells. 


He was charged with burglary during the hours of darkness. 


Thaivisa notes that a charge of "idiocy during the hours of wakefulness" is not yet on the Thai statute books.


Perhaps it should be.


Source: Sanook




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