Keyboard warriors watch out! Media group warns of jail time for trolling/defamation

Keyboard warriors watch out! Media group warns of jail time for trolling/defamation



Caption: Heavy penalties: Keyboard warriors defaming online


A media group in Chiang Mai has warned internet users that there are heavy penalties for illegal online activity.


Chiang Mai News reported that the Creative Social Media Network, Chiang Mai had warned posters on websites, Line, Facebook and Instagram to mind their online behavior. 


They mentioned those who post fake pictures and fake news and online trolls. 



Picture: Chiang Mai News


Internet activity that is deemed harmful to the country could land a poster in jail for five years and face a fine of 100,000 baht. 


Defamation warranted 2 years and 200K in fines. 


Even defaming the dead in Thailand is a no-no - that can be worth 3 months and 5,000 baht. 


They even mentioned Article 112 - this relates to the country's lese majeste laws. 


The story didn't mention the penalties for that but it is known that 15 years awaits those that transgress in this area. 


Source: Chiang Mai News


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