Video: Crafty old farang steals a Thai's money at supermarket checkout

Video: Crafty old farang steals a Thai's money at supermarket checkout



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CCTV footage posted on Facebook showed an aging foreigner at a supermarket checkout in Pattaya. 


Only he notices that a banknote has fallen on the floor while a Thai woman completes her purchase. 


Then with a deft movement of a sandal-ed foot he covers the money and casually retrieves it before pocketing it.


He clearly believes his "heist" has gone unnoticed. 


But thousands have now viewed his thieving and "Kj.Jeab" called for leads to find him after the footage was posted on Pattaya Talk. 


It happened at the Friendship Supermarket in South Pattaya at 2.41 pm. 


Thai posters rounded on the man for not telling the woman about her fallen money with many saying this was typical. 


Only Tanapat Chonticha saw a funnier side saying in Thai: "Work is pressing". 




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