Videos: Woman takes a beating from Thai man - the crowd film but do nothing to help

Videos: Woman takes a beating from Thai man - the crowd film but do nothing to help



Picture: Daily News


CCTV and mobile phone footage from Chonburi showed an attack by a Thai man on a woman in broad daylight in the street.


Though many came to watch - and record the incident for Facebook - no one intervened. 


The footage shows the woman being dragged and punched as the assailant - described in the Thai media as "Mai Man" (not manly) - tries to force her onto a motorcycle. 


He eventually gives up carrying her elsewhere as people get their mobile phones out. 


One trader in an apron who stood by very close to the attack, yet did nothing, is heard to say:


"She was taking one hell of a beating".


Netizens commented on the story in droves wondering about the fate of the woman.


The attack happened in the Don Hua Lor area of the eastern Thai province. 


Source: Daily News


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