Video: Farang thief at the checkout got 2,000 baht, Thai shopper tells Thaivisa

Video: Farang thief at the checkout got 2,000 baht, Thai shopper tells Thaivisa



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A Thai woman working in Pattaya has told Thaivisa how she lost 2,000 baht at a checkout at the Friendship Supermarket in South Pattaya. 


A video showed that the money was picked up by an old farang who police are hunting.


But she stopped short of blaming every farang for her misfortune and revealed that she is in a long term relationship with a Westerner herself. 


Pratumrat Maymum or Jeab, 32, confirmed what Thai TV Channel 8 were reporting that she had lost 2,000 baht that fell while she was completing a purchase at the checkout.


The foreigner in the video thinks no one is watching as he puts his foot on the notes - then pockets the money. But it was on CCTV and is now all over the news in Thailand. 



Jeab with her boyfriend of two years Robert Gulliver


Jeab told Thaivisa: "Everyone is different. It doesn't depend on where you're from". 


She agreed that the theft was "terrible" saying that the man in the video should be nice to people. 


Asked what punishment he should receive when caught she said it would depend on whether he accepted what he did. She was not sure about Thai law. 


She said that she had been in a relationship with a man called Robert Gulliver for two years. 


Asked if having a foreign boyfriend meant that she normally trusted farangs she said:


"No, I trust myself. People should respect no matter if they are a girl or a man, farang or Thai". 


Jeab is from Korat and has been living in Pattaya for three years where she is an office worker at a property firm. 


She hoped that the press coverage would result in the resolution of the case.




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