Chiang Mai: Gambling crackdown on cuddly toys imminent!

Chiang Mai: Gambling crackdown on cuddly toys imminent!



Caption: Yet more opening! Crane grab toy games sprouting up contrary to governor's orders


Chiang Mai News reported that crane grab toy games were brazenly sprouting up all over the city contrary to the orders of the governor of the northern Thai province. 


Some weeks back parents had gone to the media to complain that the machines - where you put in 10 baht to try and get a cheap cuddly toy - were corrupting their children. 



Picture: Chiang Mai News


They were seen as little more than a gambling addiction with the city's youngsters feeding in hundreds of baht to get their hands on a fake Hello Kitty.  


There were a few arrests at the time but the news media found large numbers of the machines in operation in shopping centers and computer malls when they went to investigate yesterday. 


Now, they said that the Thai Ministry of the Digital Economy and Society was preparing a crackdown. 


Thaivisa notes that Thailand often has gambling crackdowns though cuddly toys is a relatively new one. 


Some foreign pensioners were hauled into the police station in Pattaya for playing Bridge a few years back and darts has come under scrutiny. 


However, plans to rein in "Connect 4" was a Thaivisa April Fool's Day hoax in 2018. 


Source: Chiang Mai News




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