Arab taken in by police after early morning bike smash in Pattaya leaves two students in hospital

Arab taken in by police after early morning bike smash in Pattaya leaves two students in hospital



Picture: Ruk Siam News


An Arab man was taken into Pattaya police station this morning after he admitted causing a serious motorcycle accident on the road leading to the Bali Hai port, reported Ruk Siam News. 


The media said that the "Arabs had not learnt their lesson" after another incident in the same area recently in which a Russian tourist died and two Kuwaitis were injured.



Picture: Ruk Siam News


This time at 1 am the Pattaya police and Sawang Boriboon rescue responded after two students were severely injured outside the Miracle Suites on Pattaya Sai 3 near the overpass leading to the port. 


They were still dressed in school uniform. Khamasin Somasee, 18, who was driving had facial injuries.


His pillion passenger Miss Piyakarn Pathomban, 17, had severe head and facial injuries. 


Both were rush to hospital. 


An Arab man had a slight leg injury. 


A motorcycle taxi driver witness told the media that he had seen the Arab cause the incident by turning into the hotel in front of the students giving them no chance. 


Pattaya police took the Arab into the police station and he was made to leave financial security before being allowed to go back to his hotel. 


Source: Picture: Ruk Siam News




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